Goals & Mission

Mission Statement

Who Are We and What Are Our Primary Purposes as a Tribe?

The Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake is a federally-recognized tribal group. Our primary purposes relate to the overall well being of our tribal members and our families. We have active programs and relationships with our other Pomo tribal neighbors here in Lake County that will help us preserve our Pomo culture. Many of these activities help us rediscover lost traditions, spiritual beliefs and help revive our dying languages.

Land Conservation and Preservation of Natural Resources

Since many Native tribal groups have strong connections and traditions to our land, we strive to conserve and preserve, with a careful sense of land management, all of our lands, and especially all natural resources, which occur on the land. In this regard, the Habematolel Pomo will always try to be good neighbors to both our Native and Non-Native neighbors so that our collective community can be a better place for all who live here.

2017 Upper Lake Hardisty Water System Report

Education to Provide Opportunity for Our Children

We strive to protect the interests of our children through early childhood development programs and educational-oriented programs that supplement their regular schooling. We do this with hopes and expectations that they will have a better quality-of-life than their parents, and others before us. We strongly encourage our children to pursue all educational opportunities, and have purposely developed scholarship programs and other educational support programs so that our children can have access to better lives.

Economic Self-Sufficiency

Because we know that the world is a different place than when our ancestors were here, our tribe works very hard to learn different ways of achieving economic self-sufficiency. We engage in a variety of economic development strategies which would not only benefit our families, but also, we strive to make sure that wherever we do business, it is done in a manner which respects our neighbor’s and larger community’s needs. In this vein, our Tribe looks forward to working with you.

– The Habematolel Executive Council


The goals of the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake Tribe are as follows:

1. To preserve its Pomo culture
2. To protect the interests of its children (early childhood development and education)
3. To use, conserve and control its acquired land and natural resources
4. To promote the stability and security of its Tribe and families
5. To promote its people’s social and economic well being