RSTF – Discretionary Loan Application & Withholding Authorization

RSTF Loan Applications are prohibited for any Tribal Member Minors’ (17 yrs. of age & Under)

Tribal Member must complete an RSTF discretionary loan application authorizing Tribe to withhold the borrowed amount in full from the Tribal Members next RSTF distribution.

Discretionary Loan Criteria:

Discretionary purposes of a HPUL-Tribal Member

The RSTF discretionary loan application is allotted a maximum of $1,000.00 per RSTF quarter and a minimum $1.00 per quarter, to Tribal Members’ RSTF distributions after all personal deductions* (if less than $1,000.00). Thus, NO RSTF discretionary loans exceeding the $1,000 maximum will be approved.

The RSTF discretionary loan applications are considered and approved by the HPUL-Tribal Administrator pursuant to the RSTF guidelines. Any RSTF discretionary loan application exceeding the maximum $1,000.00 limit will be considered invalid and will automatically void your application submission.

After the November, 2013 RSTF distribution the Executive Council has determined to maintain the RSTF loan program but under the following 6 provisions:

  1. Purpose of loan must be stated on the application
  2. Tribal Members can apply for up to $1,000.00 if available
  3. Tribal Members can elect to pay loan in full with their next distribution or make equal payments of $250 or $500 plus fees.
  4. Only 1 loan can be outstanding at any time.
  5. Tribal Members cannot apply for a new loan until 30 days after their previous loan has been paid in full.

Should there be any question as to full funding for the RSTF going into 2014, the Executive Council reserves the ability to hold on funding or make modifications and will likely base funding any additional loans on a quarter by quarter basis until we have a clearer picture from the state of the RSTF solvency.

The same borrowing fees/rate applies, Five Dollars ($5.00) for every One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) borrowed.

Loan Fees:

  • $1.00-$100.00 $5.00 Fee
  • $101.00-$200.00 $10.00 Fee
  • $201.00-$300.00 $15.00 Fee
  • $301.00-$400.00 $20.00 Fee
  • $401.00-$500.00 $25.00 Fee
  • $501.00-$600.00 $30.00 Fee
  • $601.00-$700.00 $35.00 Fee
  • $701.00-$800.00 $40.00 Fee
  • $801.00-$900.00 $45.00 Fee
  • $901.00-$1,000.00max $50.00 Fee

*If prior to end of the RSTF quarter, a Tribal Member can change current tax withholding with the HPUL Fiscal Office. The full amount (including all fees) to be withheld from the Tribal Members next RSTF distribution.

Disclaimer: The Executive Council reserves the right to suspend or eliminate the RSTF Discretionary Loan Program at their discretion at anytime.

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